Comment Policy

If you’ve poked around much on this site, you’ve probably read this a few times, in a few different ways: Community is a vital part of Paradigm2. We want to encourage a conversation, so comments are welcomed and even sought.

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Now, if you’re interested in this site at all, and involved at all in ministry with older adults, I’m assuming that you’re probably on the up and up. A group of pastors, church volunteers, leaders, and staff members, maybe some Bible College students…  There’s usually not going to be the issues you would have in some other online communities. But just to make sure we’re on the same page, it makes sense to get the policy laid out. Just in case….

By posting/commenting here, you understand and agree to these terms. 

  1. You are free to disagree with me, my approach, views expressed, even the faith foundations behind all this. That’s okay. But you agree to be respectful in disagreement. And by the way, I agree to do the same.
  2. You understand that this comes from a Bible centered, Christian world view. I view scripture as authoritative and as the Word of God. That doesn’t mean I always get it right or understand it perfectly. You don’t have to see it the same way I do but you do agree to participate with a respect for that approach and the beliefs that result. 
  3. You agree to be respectful of others in the community. There was a motto that was popular in my Restoration Movement background – “In essentials, unity, in non essentials, liberty, in all things love.” It’s not scripture and we’d probably have a hard time even agreeing on what exactly the essentials are, but you get the general idea. 
  4. This is a Site About Ministry to and with Older Adults. Okay, that’s probably obvious. But the point is, this isn’t about debate, especially about debating theological bents or political agendas. It’s not about right verses left or Calvin verses Arminian or Cornhuskers verses Sooners or anything like that. Please keep the discussion on how we can best serve the elders in the church.
  5. I may ask you to register in order to post comments. If comments get out of hand or we get overrun by spam comments, things like that, we may move to a more restricted commenting process.
  6. I reserve the right to delete comments. Comments that violate the policies above, with profanity, disrespect, threatening or harassing, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, false, or misleading will be deleted. Spam comments are anathema, they will be removed (meaning don’t waste your time going off topic to advertise or put in a spammy link or promote goods and services (ESPECIALLY referring to goods and services that are not related to useful resources for senior adult ministry). Comments that promote anything illegal will be gone. Now here’s the deal – I understand I am imperfect and I may misunderstand where a comment is coming from if and when I do delete it, but I am intent on keeping the site civil, respectful, positive and productive. 
  7. You are responsible for your own comments. That means they come from you, that I do not claim or endorse any comments that you post, and that I disclaim any and all liability that may result from your comments. 
  8. You are agreeing to allow me to quote or post your comments. Your comments come from you, but you posting them implies permission to quote all or part of the comment in future articles or other content.

I know, that’s a lot of stuff. Bottom line: Do your best to keep it civil, friendly and Christ-like and on topic and I don’t think we can go wrong. I pledge to do my best to do the same.