Pastors in My Generation Struggle Finding Work Due to Ageism. Is it Our Own Fault?

As I move into my later 50’s, I’m seeing more and more of my peers struggle to find work in the church due to their age. Is my generation falling victim to an ageist environment that we had a large part in creating?

Ageism is perhaps the last of the acceptable ism’s and it is alive and well in the church. In fact, it may be worse in the church than in society at large. I fear that my generation may have played a key role in fostering that environment.

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Why Does the Church Seem Less Interested in Ministering With Older Adults today? Can We Reverse the Momentum?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just me, but this just doesn’t make sense. We now have more older people in our nation (60 and older) than youth (under 18), a difference even more pronounced within the church. So why does the church seem less interested than ever in ministering to and with older adults? Not … Read more

There is More to Growing Old Than Aging: Understanding Aging From a Ministry Context

Is it possible that ministry to and with older adults has a low priority because we are afraid of our own aging? The physical aspects of aging can be depressing. Aging means we are that much closer to death, and thus we dread growing older. It might come as a surprise that older adults are … Read more