Paradigm Name

You know how in math when you visually put two numbers by each other to designate multiplying those numbers? If a number is multiplied by itself, that number is squared.

That's the word picture that came to mind with the PARaDIGM Paradigm: Paradigm Squared. Get it?

The following articles are to help paint a picture of what Paradigm2 is all about, and how it got started. In a nutshell, it's about trying to help get the Senior Adult Ministry movement a little further along than it was before. The church as a whole, in my opinion, has been shamefully complacent when it comes to meeting the needs and challenges that go with aging. This is my attempt at encouraging and equipping the church in ministering to our elderly members. Encouraging by being a voice to try to wake the church up to the needs that are many, Equipping by identifying resources that can be used in ministry to and with older adults.